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Verdemed supports #cbdlegal cause in Brazil

August 14, 2019

CBD involves science, health and hope.

This cause invites you to help us to communicate and explain the benefits of CBD. Join the #cbdlegal campaign.

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Medicinal Cannabis without the Hysteria

July 30, 2019 - O Globo - online

Brazil is capable of making a strong entry into global industrial hemp production and becoming one of the world’s agribusiness giants. The country has competitive advantages that equip it for success in this market, which will grow to more than US$13 billion in the coming years. But Brazil’s entry into the international hemp market depends on the regulation of cannabidiol (CBD), and thus on the medicinal use of cannabis.

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Verdemed CEO and founder José Bacellar: “It’s essential to get people to move on from either ‘legalize it!’or‘the devil’s herb,’ and leave only the adults in the room. This is a discussion about public health and economic potential.”

July 12, 2019, São Paulo - Isto é Dinheiro - online

Large companies in the medical cannabis sector are starting to enter Brazil to invest in a market that can potentially be worth billions, at a time when the rules for the industry are becoming clearer…

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Laboratories are beginning to invest in the production of plant-based medications, as well as synthetic and natural cannabidiol, upon approval by Anvisa.

June 27, 2019 - Valor Setorial Saúde - impresso

…Verdemed will invest US$10 million in Brazil to buy the Mydstein labora-tory, which acts as an im-porter of medicines, and to establish the Verdemed Care unit, which will be re-sponsible for the e-com-merce operations of its phytotherapeutic product line…

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Verdemed purchases laboratory and plans to invest US$10 million in Brazil in 2019

June 23, 2019 - São Paulo, O Estado de São Paulo - online

Verdemed, a Canadian cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical company, has acquired the Mydstein laboratory in São Paulo for US$1 million. However, the company’s plans for the Brazilian market go further. Its current objective is to invest US$10 million through the end of this year to expand the sale of cannabis-based medicines (medical marijuana) in Brazil. 

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Anvisa initiates public consultations on the cultivation and medicinal use of cannabis

June 12, 2019, São Paulo - O Estado de São Paulo - in print and online

Brazil’s National Sanitary Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) will present a proposal for the authorization of marijuana cultivation and production in the country for medical and scientific purposes. The new rules provide for limited cultivation by accredited companies in enclosed locations. Associations and relatives of patients who currently have legal permits for the production of cannabidiol extract will be prohibited from handling the plant. 

More information:,anvisa-coloca-cultivo-e-uso-medicinal-da-maconha-em-consulta-publica,70002865422 (in Portuguese only)

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Anvisa proposal for cannabis regulation for medicinal use

June 11, 2019, São Paulo - O Estado de São Paulo - in print and online

The Brazilian regulatory agency Anvisa will present for public consultation a proposal to authorize the cultivation and production of cannabis in the country for medical and scientific purposes; currently the agency authorizes the importation of plants for research purposes or for use by the pharmaceutical industry.

More information:,veja-a-proposta-da-anvisa-para-regulamentacao-da-cannabis-para-uso-medicinal,70002865957 (in Portuguese only)

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Anvisa public consultations on cannabis generate optimism

June 11, 2019, São Paulo - Valor Econômico - in print and online

…“We hope that Anvisa proceeds with its conclusions on legislative reforms around the treatment of childhood epilepsy, to permit the importation of cannabis-based medications for distribution and sale to patients in Brazil,” says the president of the company, José Bacellar…

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Actor Jim Belushi becomes a promoter of the medical marijuana industry

May 21, 2019, São Paulo, Folha de São Paulo - in print and online

…Verdemed is hoping for changes in legislation that will permit it to operate legally in that country’s market, where demand is still supressed. Meanwhile, the company is carrying on with business elsewhere. In Colombia, it acquired part of Greenfarma after raising US$12.7 million from São Paulo investors early in the year…

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Entrepreneurs seek investments while awaiting medical marijuana market in Brazil

May 11, 2019, São Paulo, O Globo - online

…Verdemed began growing cannabis in Colombia, where it plans to produce a thousand litres of oil per year from the plant as raw material for medications. In Brazil, the company purchased a laboratory in São Paulo, which has already received authorization from the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency (Anvisa) to import cannabidiol-based medicinal products…

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Verdemed explores the market for cannabinoid-based medications in Colombia

May 09, 2019, São Paulo - São Paulo, Panorama Farmacêutico - online

ExpoCannabiz, the first conference on the cannabis market to be held in South America, brings together experts and investors on May 9-11 in the city of Cartagena, Colombia. “The cannabis industry in Latin America has a potential market in the order of US$24 billion. Brazil represents 24% of this amount,” says José Bacellar, president of Verdemed, the only cannabinoid-based pharmaceutical company operating in Brazil that is attending the conference… 

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Verdemed, a Canadian medical cannabis company focused on doing business in Latin America, announces that it has raised US$12.7M to fund its business plan

April 16, 2019, Toronto - CISION, online.

TORONTO, Ontario, April 16, 2019 /CNW/ – VERDEMED HOLDINGS INC. (“Verdemed” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has succeeded in raising a total of US$12.7M to fund its business plan for building the brand of choice for medical cannabis in Latin America. Verdemed secured US$650,000 in seed funding in late 2018. In March 2019, the Company confirmed the successful completion of a first round of financing, after raising US$12M from qualified Latin American private investors. This investment is to be completed in two stages: an initial capital instalment of US$6M in convertible debt, and a second instalment of US$6M in equity investment. Verdemed will use the proceeds to complete the acquisition of strategic assets in Colombia and Brazil announced on October 2, 2018, and to continue the development of its business plans in Chile and Mexico.

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Verdemed, a Canadian medical cannabis company focused on doing business in Latin America, is sponsoring the 3rd Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Toronto

April 16, 2019, Toronto - CISION, online.

TORONTO, April 16, 2019 /CNW/ - VERDEMED HOLDINGS INC. ("Verdemed" or the "Company") proudly announces its sponsorship of the 3rd Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference, taking place on April 17 and 18, 2019, at the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto.

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Verdemed is proud to sponsor The Latin America Regional Cannabis Report: 2019 Industry Outlook (New Frontier Data).

“The purpose of the report is to provide an overview of cannabis legalization and regulation trends and issues in key Latin American markets in order to support operators and investors in guiding business strategy for emerging sectors.”.

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Cannabis: Wayland Group reaches out to Verdemed

January 11, 2019, São Paulo - O Globo, online.

Two executives from Wayland Group, a Canadian company that sells cannabis-based products, are in Brazil to make a proposal to Verdemed, a start-up that includes Brazilians among its founders.

Wayland wants to buy 10% of Verdemed for US$6 million. Focused on cannabis-based products, the company is valued at US$54 million.

For Wayland, which has operations all over the world, the main appeal of Verdemed is its operations in Latin America, especially in Brazil and Chile.

The plan, which is still at an early stage, is to fold it into a new company of global scale, to be created by Wayland.

The discussions are serious and, if it succeeds, the deal should close before Carnival, which this year takes place in March.

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Brazilians change life and country to invest in legalized cannabis

Initiatives range from websites to courses and medicines

December 02, 2018, São Paulo - O Globo, online.

[…] Executive José Bacellar, who has lived in Canada for ten years, noticed the move in the market last year and decided to change the scenery…

[…] Bacellar met with other Brazilian executives and doctors to set up Verdemed, a medical cannabis company. Since then, he says, he spends half the time in the air: between Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Mexico, Brazil and the United States. Before opening the business, he still spent three months in London at an internship following biotechnology laboratories applied to medical cannabis. Your company takes care of everything from planting to delivering medicines to patients.….

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Verdemed invests in cannabis-based medications.

November 12, 2018, São Paulo - Valor Econômico, in print and online.

VerdeMed, among whose founders are executives and doctors from Brazil and Colombia, plans to raise about US$20 million over the next two years to invest in the development of cannabis-based medications. The first funding round, with a goal of raising US$6 million, attracted the interest of Brazilian investors and may be concluded in 2018. Another two rounds are planned for 2019 and 2020 and, if progress is as scheduled, the goal is for an initial public offering in 2021 in Canada, where the company’s headquarters are located.….


In Brazil, marijuana startups wait for change in legislation to act.

October 14, 2018, São Paulo - O Estado de São Paulo, in print and online.

Despite drug commerce being illegal in the Country, companies created to explore the medicinal use of the substance attract investors.

The market of marijuana has always been lucrative - but illegal. On the american continent, one of the first countries to change its rules was Uruguay, who regulated the production and commercialization of cannabis in 2013. Canada, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and over 20 USA states have also altered their legislation, each with their own particularities, in favor of the legal commerce of the drug. The result was the birth of promising new businesses…


Verdemed Looks to Raise $5M to Acquire Colombian Licensed Producer & Brazilian Lab

October 2, 2018, Toronto - CISION, online.

VERDEMED HOLDINGS INC. (“VerdeMed” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it is undertaking an equity offering for gross proceeds up to US$5 million and, to date, has received US$600,000 in funding commitments from Brazilian and Colombian qualified investors. The Company plans to use the proceeds of the offering to complete strategic asset acquisitions in Colombia and Brazil and to further its business plans.

VerdeMed holds rights to acquire a significant stake in a Colombian Licenced Producer -LP, which currently has a 3,000 sq ft indoor growing and industrial extraction facility, together with an option to buy the remaining interest in the LP. The LP is operational and fully licensed to plant, grow, extract, formulate and sell medicinal cannabis products. The LP plans to harvest its first crop and complete its initial medicinal cannabis oil sales by the end of this year…

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