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About Verdemed

Verdemed strives to bring cannabis-based medications to patients in Latin America.

Cannabis has been used as a health treatment throughout most of human history. A number of cultures have taken advantage of its medical properties, and, over the past two decades, the scientific community has increasingly identified these medical attributes.

There are hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific studies recognizing the potential of cannabis-based pharmaceuticals to substantially improve many health conditions. Verdemed’s mission is to realize this potential in Latin America by bringing cutting-edge medication to this area and enabling doctors to improve the treatment of millions of patients.


What We Do

Verdemed is a Canadian pharmaceutical cannabis company whose goal is to improve the health of millions of patients in Latin America.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Verdemed’s multi-level and multi-market approach aims to bridge the gap between the European and North American cannabis pharmaceutical landscape and Latin American unmet clinical needs.

The company’s international footprint provides strategic access to market innovations, as well as well-known proven cannabis therapies. Verdemed plans to introduce to Latin America an ample range of cannabinoid-based medications in the next few years, fully approved by the principal regulatory agencies in the region – such as ANMAT, Anvisa, COFEPRIS, DIGEMID, Invima, and ISP.

Verdemed will start with CBD-based products in late 2019 and THC/CBD products in early 2020, based on pharmaceutical clinical trials and outcomes already approved in other countries around the world.


Medicinal Cannabis vs. Cannabinoid-Based Pharmaceuticals

medicinal one.png
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Latin America Partner of Choice for Global Cannabis Pharmaceutical Companies

Verdemed aspires to become the platform of choice for global innovators entering the Latin American market with new medical cannabis products. The company is building strategic alliances and partnerships with global cannabis pharmaceutical companies to achieve this goal.

Verdemed will leverage its Canadian base and international presence to bring to Latin America pure pharmaceutical cannabinoid-based products that are currently in clinical trials around the world.

Verdemed also plans to conduct clinical trials in the larger Latin American countries with its partners involving proprietary formulations. The company will put innovative new products through the traditional pharmaceutical drug development approval process.

Verdemed will ensure that it offers only proven safe pharmaceutical products to doctors and patients in the region.


Line of Products


  • CBD gel capsules (5/10/20mg) – proprietary formulation

  • CBD oral solution – similar formulation and presentation of Epidiolex - CBD

  • THC/CBD gel capsules for insomnia clinical trials – proprietary formulation

  • THC/CBD mouth spray – similar formulation and presentation of Sativex - nabiximol

  • THC gel capsules – (2.5/5/10mg) – similar formulation and presentation of dronabinol from plant-based extracts

Later in 2021 – after the completion of Verdemed’s clinical trials in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, the company plans to offer products for other conditions, such as chronic pain, glaucoma, and social anxiety.

Verdemed’s product pipeline includes over ten different indications for clinical trials over the next five to seven years.