Cannabis - Latin America


Verdemed brings affordable cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals to doctors and patients in Latin America

Verdemed’s mission is to offer the best of approved existing and prospective cannabinoid products to all Latin Americans, in all countries, in all jurisdictions legally authorized to sell medical cannabis.

The company’s initial focus is on product formulations of cannabinoid pharmaceuticals currently available in Canada, Europe, and the USA. Verdemed aims to meet Latin America’s medical needs with similar products and medical cannabis treatments approved by Health Canada, EMA (European Medicines Agency), and the USA FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Verdemed is uniquely positioned to tackle the high regulatory hurdles in Latin America with Canadian-derived pharmaceutical products.

Over the past 20 years, Canada has built a robust regulatory framework to protect patients’ safety and to secure reliable treatments with medical cannabis products. Most Latin American regulatory agencies have in place a regulatory regime similar to Canadian legislation around medical cannabis.

Verdemed leverages its Canadian DNA to offer high-end quality pharmaceuticals in Latin America.



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