Cannabis: Wayland Group reaches out to Verdemed

January 11, 2019, São Paulo - O Globo, online.

Two executives from Wayland Group, a Canadian company that sells cannabis-based products, are in Brazil to make a proposal to Verdemed, a start-up that includes Brazilians among its founders.

Wayland wants to buy 10% of Verdemed for US$6 million. Focused on cannabis-based products, the company is valued at US$54 million.

For Wayland, which has operations all over the world, the main appeal of Verdemed is its operations in Latin America, especially in Brazil and Chile.

The plan, which is still at an early stage, is to fold it into a new company of global scale, to be created by Wayland.

The discussions are serious and, if it succeeds, the deal should close before Carnival, which this year takes place in March.

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